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12 August, 2010

A bunch of 4×6 PCs… except the Barkleys of Broadway one, which is 5×7.
All are $10 except the BoB one, which is $7.
The Barkleys postcard is a newer repro, while all the others are original from the 1930s.
All of the 30s ones have light pencil notations in the corners (it was what the dealer wrote on there as pricing). That is easily erasable.
The PC of Ginger on the bike has a rip on the back (as noted in the photo below it).
The Barkleys PC has some light printed writing on the back. You can’t see it when looking at the front.

***These postcards look frigging GORGEOUS in real life btw… the photo quality is so crisp and clear, with high contrast.

  1. OK… no more Jenny-like waffling…I’ve FINALLY made up my mind… here are the three I desire to purchase from Ms. Beeje, in the order they are shown:

    #1 – with the black background and the ‘feathers’…are these THE ‘feathers’? appear to be…

    #4 – the ‘Cameo’ oval framed one with the awesome smile


    #7 – the striped shirt with head resting on arms.

    Bill me as you see fit – or just reply and I will comply with the financial considerations…. I will be back this afternoon – we have a couple of things cooking after church today…

    Thanks, Lauren for the oppurtunity to snag these awesome pics/postcards!!!



  2. How would I purchase Ginger on bicycle? I am commiting if it is available.

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